Here you can find a number of posts all centred around university life and being  student! I am first year so I am sharing my experiences and trying to give advice as I work my way through!

University Freshers

Here are some top tips on Fresher’s week at university, including some alternative ideas to drinking your body to death all week!

UCAS… What next?

After completing your UCAS application, it can feel like a waiting game until your results day and you finally find out where you are heading! But there are a couple of other tasks that need completing before you can relax… check them out here!

A-Level Results Day

This day is long awaited, and here I share some advice on how to go through the day with a positive outlook, even if the results aren’t quite what you wanted.


A quick catch up on what I got up to whilst completing my UCAS application.

Uni Open Days

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of university open days!

Results Days

I talk about mainly GCSE results day, but it includes some tips on how to survive A-level results day too.

Top Tips for Exam Success

Psychological wellbeing is important, especially when you need your brain to work extra hard! This post explores some ways to keep yourself relaxed and prepared throughout the exam season.