Summer Skin

With summer well and truly here, schools are finished, the sun has appeared and everybody, except me, seems to be jetting off to exotic locations, I thought it was a nice idea to share how I keep my skin feeling healthy and the simple makeup I like to use during the warmer months.

Skin Care

My top tip? Drink lots and lots of water! During the summer I make a conscious effort to drink more, as it is always good to stay hydrated and it has multiple benefits, one of which, being that it helps your skin to look healthy and glow! The recommended average for the amount of water you should drink everyday is 3L for men and 2.5L for women. Obviously, I don’t get all 2.5L in everyday, but I do try to get at least 1.5L, and on especially warm days, or if I am at work, I try harder to hit that higher target.

With direct regards to skin care, I use Essential Waitrose 4 in 1 Cucumber Facial Wipes  (£1.59) to remove my makeup in the evenings, and then wash my face with lukewarm water. I only use a soap on my face in my morning shower and it will be one of two favourites of mine; the Nivea Facial Wash Gel (£3) or the Nivea Daily Essentials Cleansing Cream Wash (£3.15). I find both really gentle on my skin, which isn’t especially sensitive, but I still have to be careful using harsh face washes and scrubs and these two from Nivea are really kind on all skin types.

I then use a water gel moisturiser, as I find these really refreshing in the summer months. My most recent favourite, as inspired by the television advert (I am a sucker for ads!) is the L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Aloe Water (£6.99). What drew me in was the fact it is a water based formula, and that I am mildly obsessed with anything containing Aloe Vera. I have always used my Banana Boat Aloe Vera After Sun Gel in previous summers to treat multiple sun burns that I have suffered, so I knew it worked well with my skin type. They have 3 variations, Normal – Dry, Normal – Combination and Normal – Oily. My skin type varies quite a bit depending on the weather and how well I have been looking after it, so I went for the combination option as it gives a fair chance of being right for a variety of skin days!


As for makeup in the summer, I have always really liked to keep it to the bare minimum and of what I am comfortable in being out publicly, which usually consists of a little mascara and filling in my brows. This means I generally get out of the house quicker and my skin thanks me in the long term for not being caked in foundation everyday under the baking sun! My go-to brow product is the NYX Sculpt & Highlight Brow Contour (£9), which has a wax pencil at one end and at the other, a sheer and glittery highlight/concealer that you can pop on your brow bone and blend. For mascara, it can vary depending on how I want my lashes to look, but I usually stick to the Clinique Chubby Lash (£18) as mentioned in a previous post.

If I do decide to go a little glam during the day, or even for an evening out, I still like to keep it light and simple, so I am not clogging my pores in the heat and makeup. Recently I have been using the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (£32) in shade Mont Blanc paired with the Nars Creamy Concealer (£23) in shade Light 2. They give amazing coverage without feeling heavy on my skin, like many other creamy formulas can do. For eyeshadow, I am channelling burgundy or sunset vibes, so I like to use either my NYX Full Throttle quads, again, I have mentioned these in previous posts, or one of my newer additions, the MAC Burgundy X9 Palette (£25). For powder I use the Rimmel Match Perfection Silky Loose Setting Powder (£6.99), which is an excellent dupe for the Laura Mercier Setting Powder. Contouring & bronzing, I use the Nars Bronzing Powder (£29) in Laguna and for blush I use the Nars Blush (£23) in Orgasm. To highlight, I use the Morphe 134 Fan brush and the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlight in either Peach Diamond or Pink Shimmer. These are both only £3 each, and have incredible pigmentation. I use these on the tops of my cheekbones, my brow bone, just under my brows, and lightly on the end of my nose. Finally at the moment I am liking the MAC Lip Liner in Whirl and on top the Tom Ford Lip Colour (£40) in Sable Smoke.

After writing the process I go through, every time I do ‘going out’ makeup, I am now wondering if anybody will find it remotely interesting or helpful, but I have been really excited about sharing some of my newer products with you all!

I hope I have inspired you enough for a small shopping trip, albeit online, and that to ensure your skin looks beautiful and radiant all year round, it isn’t only about the makeup you use but the way you look after your skin whilst not wearing any makeup at all!

Thank you for taking a moment to read my latest post and I hope you enjoy the summer months. One final thing though… Please! Don’t forget sun cream!

Imogen ❤

My top 5 Benefit products

So, I am a fan of makeup just like the rest of you girlies out there and one of the first top end brands I ever purchased was Benefit. They offer such a range of products it’s hard to know which ones are worth the money, as some of them cost quite a lot of £££. Here are my top 5 products, what I love about them and who they are ideal for!

5. Big and Easy BB Cream


This product is the only skin products I have bought from Benefit, so I don’t have much to compare it to, however I wasn’t too pleased with how it performed. I bought it in summer so it is slightly darker than I would usually use, but because it’s a BB cream it doesn’t make too much difference. What drew me in was the SPF factor of 35 and it’s Liquid ~ Powder. The SPF factor gave me confidence to go out in the summer without sun screen on my face, as it is often too greasy and brings my face out in break outs. Unfortunately, because it was designed to look alike a powder foundation, it looked very cakey and just stuck to the dry patches on my face. This was a real shame as I had high hopes for this product, but it let me down. I would recommend anybody with oily skin to use this, as you need the moisture in your skin to balance the dryness. Or as an alternative, you could moisturise before applying the cream if you already don’t.

4. Roller Lash Mascara


This mascara was a bit of a last minute buy, as I was at the airport on the way to Spain and needed a mascara and I had looking at this one for a long time after the success of Benefit’s They’re Real. I was pleased with the curl that this mascara gave my lashes, however I feel this would suit somebody with longer lashes than me. Because I have quite average length lashes, the curl was there, but there wasn’t enough lash to create a curl that would stay for the whole day. By the end of the day, my lashes would’ve dropped down to look like I wasn’t wearing any mascara at all! But this is definitely something to invest in if you have long lashes! Good Luck!

3. Gimme Brow


I received this as a gift for my birthday and I asked for it because I love the Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel. I had heard brilliant things about this and was determined to give it a try. The only problem I have with this gel is it is one shade too light. The gel is available in Light/Medium & Medium/Deep. I have it in the lighter colour and at the moment I have to use a darker pencil and then gel over the top as a setting technique. When I repurchase this, I will get the darker colour and I am positive that this will become my favourite brow product.

2. High Beam Highlighter


I was given this as a sample for Christmas and am so pleased with the results it has given. I had only ever used a powder highlighter before this so I love the way this went on my skin and contrasted with my bronzer. As this is only a little bottle, I am excited about finishing it and buying a larger bottle, however for the time being I am happy with this and will continue to use it everyday as my go-to highlighter. It blends easily, with either your fingers, brush or beauty blender and offers just the right amount of shimmer to make sure I don’t look like I have wiped the sun on my face! I absolutely love this product and would recommend it as a liquid highlighter and hope to invest in the Mac Mineralize highlighter soon.

1. Hoola Bronzer


This is my number one product from Benefit and on top of that, it has to be my favourite bronzer that I use for contouring. This is a tiny sample that I borrowed from my friend and I fell in love with it, so she let me keep it! It gives off the perfect bronze colour for my skin tone and blends so naturally and easily into my foundation. It is highly pigmented so you need hardly any to achieve amazing results! I have never bought a full sized version of this but I love the mini pot I own and can’t wait to continue using this as a powder over their new product which I am intrigued to try, Dew the Hoola. I look forward to the results and will let you know how it goes!

I hope this has been useful and you girls have found my top 5 products handy for new Benefit purchase you may be thinking of making! Happy shopping!

Imogen ❤