MooGoo Skin Cream

Hi everyone, just a quick post today! I have just finished first year of university, so hopefully I will be posting more frequently and maybe shake it up a bit!

Some of you may remember I spoke about the Medik8 Calmwise Colour Correcting serum and moisturiser, which I have been using and really enjoying! The serum is working really nicely to calm the redness on my skin overtime, and the moisturiser does a great job of reducing redness instantly for a temporary fix.

My boyfriend was reading through the news the other day and found an article by a gentleman who had been using chemotherapy cream, which had caused extreme redness and irritation. He was commenting on how good the MooGoo Irritable Skin Cream is and called it a ‘miracle cream’ after the results took his dry, red irritated skin back to his original condition.

Although the cream is originally used for eczema, the company MooGoo have commented on how brilliant it is that people can use it for other issues, especially when suffering from something like cancer.

I have only just received the MooGoo cream, but I will post an update after 3 weeks of applying it every evening, and I will wait for the results! I am very excited to see how it works and see if there is any difference in my skin!

Thank you for reading and I will keep you all posted with how it goes!